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Pizza & Sub Sales

*Our Pizza/Sub Fundraiser has been postponed to a later date.  The facility we will be closed due to COVID-19 concerns.  Once we will know when we will be able to use the facility again, we will update this site. 

The pizza and sub sales are conducted twice a year.  We have one in March and one in November.  If you would like to place and order, please review the order form and contact us by the suspense date.  You can also submit your order by using the Contact Us link below and provide your name, phone number, and order.  

All orders must be received by ___________.

Garage Sales

*Our Garage Sale has been postponed to a later date due to COVID-19 concerns.  Once we will know when and where we will be holding it, we will update this site.

Each year our club holds a garage sale to raise funds so that we can continue to offer the The Katie Dunning Spring Dance and the Easter Egg Hunt to those with special needs.  The garage sale events are in May, the weekend after Mother's Day.  

Our next garage sale will be ____________________.

The Westerville Civitans could always use an extra hand or two. Monetary donations are needed to keep our service projects going well into the future. Consider supporting our fundraising events or you can contact us for information on monetary donations. Both individual and corporate donations are accepted. Thank you for your support.

Members Area

Club Officers

  • 2018-2019 Club Officers
  • Tom Daugherty, President
  • Candy Kline, President-Elect
  • Ted Pagani, Secretary
  • Darla Adkins, Treasurer
  • Ken Adkins, Executive Liaison to Scouts
  • Craig Zedalis, Immediate Past President
  • ---------------------------------------
  • Board of Directors
  • Kathy Brougher
  • Shannon Kimble
  • Marc Kimmelman
  • Judy Pagani

The Civitan Creed

  • I AM CIVITAN as old as life, as young as the rainbow, as endless as time.
  • MY HANDS do the work of the world and reach out in service to others.
  • MY EARS hear the cry of children and the call throughout the world for peace, guidance, progress and unity.
  • MY EYES search for others to join in the fellowship and service of Civitan.
  • MY MOUTH utters the call to daily duty and speaks prayers in every tongue.
  • MY MIND teaches me respect for law and the flag of my country.
  • MY HEART beats for every friend, bleeds for every injury to humanity and throbs with joy at every triumph of truth.
  • MY SOUL knows no fear but its own unworthiness.
  • MY HOPE is for a better world through Civitan.
  • MY MOTTO: Builders of good citizenship.
  • MY BELIEF: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • MY PLEDGE: To practice the Golden Rule and to build upon it a better and nobler citizenship.


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